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Airbag Zip'In 2

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The new airbag Zip'In 2 is ideal for riders who want to combine convenience, style and optimal protection.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone or under an approved outer (Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle, Freejump ...).

The inflation is very fast (100 ms) and the airbag offers the rider a complete protection of the vital parts: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum, thorax.



Helite airbags are reusable. All Helite airbags are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. If you register your airbag on our website you can extend the limited 2 years warranty into 4 years warranty.

comfortable compatible zip'in unisex fast respirant

The NEW airbag Zip’In 2 is a 2 in 1 vest which offers the rider a great freedom of movement and a better protection. 

NEW: The more fitted cut and the new shape of the airbag allow a better integration into the outer, a bigger protection volume at the thorax and a reduction of the cartridge weight.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone, however it is recommended to wear the Zip’In 2 airbag with an approved outer.

The airbag can be worn in 2 ways: 

- ALONE: with the central zip closed to the top

- INVISIBLE UNDER THE OUTER: Integrated into an approved vest (with or without zip)- Recommended version

The compatible outers are indicated by the label Zip'In sewn inside the vest.  

This vest is adapted for any discipline. 

It is sold ready to use with 1 CO2 cartridge, 1 saddle strap, 1 allen key and 1 user manual. 


- Color: Black

- Man / Women

- Stretchy sides for better comfort

- Breathable mesh on sides and middle back

- Central zip

- Highly resistant seams

- Stretchy water-repellent fabric which does not deform after inflation

- Compatible with all Helite and Zip’In approved outers


Helite was the first manufacturer who developed this airbag system which offers a complete protection of the vital parts: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum, thorax. The unique shape of HELITE airbag offers a big gas volume for an optimal pressure to absorb shocks effectively. The inflation time is very fast (100 ms) to be optimally protected before ground impact. Helite airbags are mechanical systems, ready and easy to use and reusable after a fall.


On the contrary of the Zip'In 1 which must not be worn alone, it is possible to wear the airbag alone since the airbag is provided with a central zip. However, we recommend wearing it most of the time under an approved outer to avoid damage to the airbag in the event of a fall.

You must only wear the Zip'In airbag under approved outers. Not approved outers may not be able to withstand the inflation and may not protect you properly. 


- Our airbags are certified by the external laboratory CRITT Sport, the French specialist for objectively testing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for equestrian riders.

- Our airbags came with a 4 years warranty if your register your airbag within 3 month after your purshase on 

It is important to choose the right size for an optimal protection :

1 - To choose the size of your Zip’In 2 airbag following our size chart. If several sizes fit you, just take your favourite size depending on your preferred fit (close-fitting or large cut, etc.) Hint: the mesurement of your back is important and a good orientation to find the right size of your airbag.

If you decide to wear the Zip'IN 2 with an outer compatible

2-  To choose your Zip'In compatible outer (with the label). CAUTION, you always have to take the same size as your Zip'In airbag. For example, a Zip'In airbag size S must always be associated with an AirJump size S.

Please note: Every person has its own body type, our size charts are for information only. We do not recommend to wear the airbag if you weigh less than 35 kg.

How to measure? You can use the schema below : 

CAUTION : Gas cartridges for the airbag Zip'In 2 exist in 3 sizes: 50cc, 60cc and 85cc. You must always choose the right size according to the airbag size.

There is no special maintenance needed. We simply advise an annual safety check before starting the season again to check the cartrdige weight and the mecanism. 

Do not machine wash, do not immerge in water. We recommend that you energetically scrub with a brush in warm soapy water or with baby wipes (no detergent, products may alter the fabric).

Download the user guide.