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Gas generator for B'Safe airbag vest .

After each inflation, the gas generator has to be replaced.

Be careful: 3 gas generator sizes exist: 

  • GG 50 cc: for size S
  • GG 60 cc: for sizes M and L 
  • GG 100 cc : for size XL



Helite airbags are reusable. All Helite airbags are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. If you register your airbag on our website you can extend the limited 2 years warranty into 4 years warranty.

The gas generator makes the airbags inflate in case of a fall.

It consists of an electric opening system and a CO2 cartridge. 

It is for single use and must be replaced after each inflation. 

Caution: the gas generator GG is not compatible with mechanical airbag systems. 

The gas generator exists in three sizes according to vest size. 

  • GG 50 cc for size S. 
  • GG 60 cc for size M and L
  • GG 100 cc for size XL

The good size of the gas generator is written inside the bottom right pocket of the vest. 

The cartridge comes with a 10 years warranty.

The CO2 cartridges have a long life span but we do recommend to check them annualy.

The check consists in weighing your cartridge on a scale and making sure that the weight is approximately (+/- 3g) equivalent to the weight written on your cartridge. 

For more information, please consult B'Safe User guide.

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